Amicus delivers comprehensive training.  We are passionate about helping to ensure that each and every employee arrives home safely every day. 

We provide training to a vast array of organizations such as Corporate, Government Agencies, Public Sectors and Private Industry.  With Amicus you will be getting quality training, value for your money and professional services.

Our instructors have a wealth of “real world” experience working in a variety of industries from Fire to Private and Non Private Sectors. This ensures that our training is practical and relevant.

Amicus’ training programs not only covers safety, emergency response and regulatory compliance information, but prepares students to competently assess, manage, and solve real-world situations. 

We use a variety of methods to deliver the curriculum. Our courses are enjoyable, easy to follow, and ensure that your team is trained in the right material at the right level.  

Courses are written by experienced professionals based on current legislation and best practices. Many of our courses are Director Approved. Every course that we deliver can be tailored to your specific needs and can be taught in-house or onsite. 

Courses currently being offered

We also offer Open Courses that are prescheduled for the year.  Register 1 or more

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