Spill response


This training is intended to provide fundamental information on how employees should respond to low hazard spills in the workplace.

This course will focus on the recognition of hazards associated with chemical releases, the initial steps to be taken to mitigate the release and to assist in the protection of people and the environment. It will provide employees with the knowledge of what to do in the event of a spill.

The Spill Response course is designed for individuals who will be required to respond to a release. It is also recommended for supervisors that will be overseeing the Spill Response Team and JHSC members that would be required to develop policies and procures.

Course Outline

  •  Applicable Regulations/Legislation and Legal Requirements (Overview)
  • Defining a Spill
  • Reporting a Spill
  • Incident Priorities
  • Risk Assessment (Basic)
  • Metering (Basic)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Overview

Course Duration – 8 hours
CEU Value – 0.7

  • Respiratory Protection (Overview)
  • Selection & Use-Absorbents & Basic Equipment
  • Preventative, Controlling & Basic Clean up Techniques
  • Decontamination (Overview)
  • Incident Termination
  • Practical

Course Duration – 8 hours
CEU Value – 0.7