Rely on us

Amicus is fully equipped to educate and aid your workforce in any hazardous situation. With our experienced team, we have a versatile selection of ways we can ensure your job site is safe, your employees are educated with the most up-to-date health & safety standards and to aid you on any job site.

Worksite Training Programs


With decades of experience, we have crafted the best, easy-to-learn programs for you to feel safe to perform any task under compliance.

Our instructors are prepared to provide you with the best, most up-to-date procedures which will enable you to work in a safe manner.

Our Training programs focus on the following: Health & Safety, Operations, and emergency management.

Rescue Standby Training

Rescue Standby

We understand the many different circumstances that working in a confined space can create. We are proud to share our wealth of knowledge and to ensure you can work safely and to respond in a heartbeat to any situation.

Our clients depend on us for their safety, and they can rest assured that they are in the best hands possible.

Workplace Health & Safety Consulting Services

Health & Safety Consulting

Every work place presents different concerns. We want to provide you with the best understanding possible of your workplace. Having an outside perspective on your job site, will provide you with hazards and concerns you may have never uncovered. With decades of experience we leave no rock unturned!

Infrastructure Support Solutions

Infrastructure Support

Understanding your job's needs and find the appropriate solution for your tasks.

Industrial Worksite Cleaning & Solutions

Industrial Support

Our team is ready and equipped for a broad array of services to aid you on site. We are ready and prompt to do various types of tank cleaning and work area deep cleans. Our priority is to make sure you can complete your task in a clean and safe manner, always.

Hydra Vac Truck Services & Solutions

Hydro Vac

We have partnered exclusively with TerraHX to provide the best Hydro Truck Vac services. Click here to learn more.